How We Work

We work across digital and traditional marketing tools and tactics since a comprehensive approach shows the best results.

Here at the Rod Marketing, we love to help businesses thrive, whether Print or online via smart, ethical search marketing. We strive to develop the lives and livelihoods of our partners and our staff, and we deliver real, quantifiable results. We employ leaders at all levels of our company. Raw talent needs training, and in our subtle-yet-complex industry, training must be well-informed and unending. What builds our company is 4 creative believes:

We work with you on a month-to-month basis in a collaborative way. This approach ensures your complete buy-in and allows us to transfer our skills and build capacity in your business

First approach is a mini-project

Each project is different, but we typically start with a mini-project before a longer-term project. The mini-project is either a strategy workshop or a marketing review that we charge for and in which we add immediate value through our initial findings that we present in a PowerPoint. Depending on the size of your business, our fee for this mini-project is R12 000.00 (twelve thousand South African Rand), or the equivalent US dollar amount.

Reach agreement on a monthly fee

Once we’ve agreed on a longer-term project, we charge a recurring fixed fee at the start of each month for the duration of our involvement. This fee is not a retainer but a subscription to our strategic marketing services and linked to a clear outcome. The monthly payment depends on the project’s scope but ranges from ten thousand to fifty thousand South African Rand, or the equivalent US dollar amount. Engagements usually last from three to twelve months. With the cost outlay agreed in advance, both parties can focus sharply on achieving the best possible outcome.

Let's start with an online meeting

Do send us an email if you are interested in learning more and potentially working with us. We will respond within a day to set up an online discussion.

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