About us

The Rod is a Marketing Agency, established in 2016. The company was founded by a black female professional Rethabile Matekane- Gauthier. Rethabile is undoubtedly one of the few experts in South Africa specializing in Strategy, Brand strategy, Marketing, PR, Communication, Business development to mention a few. The company is a level 1 B-BBEE Contributor. The Rod is a division of ECAT Online Systems.

Our company pride itself in attracting a wide range of clients from a variety of entities, as we understand businesses from small, medium to corporates entities/enterprises.

The Company is comprised of a team that is well vested and skilled in Marketing, Communications, PR, Digital/Online marketing, Creative design, Social media, Copy writing and editing. Our ability to adapt ensures that we are always at the forefront, guiding our customers towards reaching their dreams, hence the brand promise “Great brands invest in great branding”.


Make brands stand out

We never use templates or standard ideas to produce our work, everything is custom made for that client’s needs.

Our cornerstone

Our corner stone is in Support, Hope and Social Development of the youth in our communities. Job creation and skills development for the youth so to launch them to financial freedom whilst enabling them to participate in the economic transformation of the Country is a key plan of our company.

Make brands grow

We thrive in careful management of our briefs so to provide the ultimate service, knowledge, and products to our clients.


We work hard every day to make the ROD the world's most respected service brand.


To be amongst the most recognized and relevant creative brand company.


  • Professionalism - we will treat our stakeholders i.e. customers, employees and shareholders with respect and dedication while remaining accountable to them.
  • Integrity – we will conduct ourselves in a manner that is fair, transparent, and ethical, and uphold high levels of equality and trust.
  • Customer Excellence - We strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations
  • Discipline - We provide professional value-based services through best business models compliant within the legal framework.
  • Teamwork - In the performance of our tasks we will be guided by the ideals of unity of purpose, cooperation, and mutual respect.


We push for empowerment to realize greatness

As an innovative business we have created a company culture that go far beyond engaging employees, but we empower them so to make a real difference in their lives which difference ensures sustainable creativity for the success our company and our clients

We create greatness through individuals

In realizing greatness through individuals, we are driven by the belief and behavior of employees who are driven by passion, we let nothing stand in their way, and follow no one. They do things their own way. If it works, they document and attempt to scale it. And if that works, the result is a highly successful company with a culture they’ve built around their own unique beliefs and behaviors.

Think and act different

Behind most great company cultures is a CEO who doesn’t just see things differently but has the confidence and courage to fight the status quo and do things differently

We allow our employees to learn to "Think Differently. This culture is not written anywhere and there are few processes to follow, but they learn it just the same.

Think Different isn’t just a tagline from an ad campaign; it’s a mindset that captures and reinforces the company’s unique culture, the way it operates from top to bottom. And it works, big time

We hire the best, organize the least

Human capital is our primary asset, and our culture defines what our employees are supposed to believe and how they’re supposed to behave.

Growth and development

For the success of our company we always offer our employees opportunities for growth, both in terms of training, skills transfer and in terms of their ability to grow as individuals and as teams.

We make it our job not only to obtain the best possible performance from employees but to obtain the best possible performance from them while at the same time helping them to grow. Opportunities for growth are an incredibly determining factor in employee engagement.


Brand essence:
  • Miracle: We develop exceptional and outstanding creative work for our business partners that exceeds their expectations
Brand promise: Infusing Life to your vision!
  • The ROD helps you to achieve your dream
  • Vision without action is fantasy, action without vision is chaos
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